by Mark Allen Wilson / HDCAM / 5.1 / RT - 12:30 / Canada


{IndieMemphis Film Festival 2011}
Jun Lee, a 15-year old Chinese-Canadian, leads an alienated life in the dark, gritty underbelly of Toronto’s Chinatown. When he neglects his responsibilities to his father on a fateful night, Jun Lee triggers a chain of events that send him into the crushing world of manhood.

Jun Lee, un Chino-Canadien de 15 ans, mène une vie d’aliéné dans les sombres bas fonds du Quartier Chinois de Toronto. Lorsqu’il néglige ses responsabilités envers son père au cours d’une nuit fatidique, Jun Lee déclenche une série d’événements qui le propulseront dans l’impitoyable âge adulte.

Kyle Truong...........Jun Lee
Tim Lee..................Chen
Martina Lo............Pei Fen
Kim Tong...............Girl 1
Tina Nguyen.........Girl 2
Michelle Treen......Sister 1
Sara Treen............Sister 2
Wilfrid Lee............Lee

Writer/Director/Producer: Mark Allen Wilson
Producer: Joyce Wong
Cinematography: Maya Bankovic
Production Designer: Sonia Hong
Assitant Camera: Miles Barnes
Production Sound: Shawn Kirkby & Jeffrey Magat
Production Assistant: Gina Rim
Editor: Mark Allen Wilson
Sound Design: Evan Dunivan
Sound Mixing: Jerry Summers
Color Correction: Ki Jin Kim
Compositor: Moises Jiminez
Postproduction Supervisor: Lisa Schoenberg

Shot on location in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA


Narrative comes from a mysterious impulse to understand and share our views of the world. With this in mind, I wanted my thesis film to tell the story of a critical point in a boy’s life--a formative turning-point situated between the realms of childhood and manhood. I chose to set the film in Toronto because the city allowed me to explore the diversity of a much larger world; to witness the lives of working immigrants; and to illustrate an aspect of the world often underrepresented onscreen. The film draws from the work of Tony Richardson, Karel Reisz, and Ken Loach, who show us the reality of our families, our work, and our daily lives with simple, unimposing images. They ask us to take heed of the world before our eyes. Be Still expresses the need for composure in the face of an unforgiving destiny.